What is GoodBoy?

GoodBoy is a student project developed by 2 people trying to make a little but "complete" game.


The player controls Daniel and Mani, a man and his faithful dog. They used to live in a farm until the zombie apoclypse came.
Now they have to scape from the zombies and to go to a safe place.
Luckily the zombies don't like dogs, so they won't go after Mani, but if zombies reach him it will be his end.


It's a puzzle/strategy game where the player needs to use Mani's abilities, like barking or carrying objects, to distract zombies from Daniel and finish the level without touching any zombie.


Sergio Cobos Galván
Alberto Portero Ariza
Music: Javier Elguezábal Galán


GoodBoy.rar 35 MB
Feb 01, 2018

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